Hey, Nice to meet you! I’m Aimee wells, the owner of this blog Angelic Numerology. I have been interested in Angel numbers, dream meanings, finding strength through meditation, and spirituality in general. I started this blog to share my knowledge and wisdom about the spiritual world with others around the globe.

If you are interested in connecting with like-minded individuals or want to learn more about numerology, You are definitely in the right place. I hope you enjoy your time here!

You Have Found Me For a Reason

Have you ever heard the same song playing on the radio while just humming it in your head? Do you repeat the same words simultaneously with your significant other? Or have you experienced thinking of someone, and then suddenly they send you a text?

If yes, you probably passed it off as a “coincidence.” But I’m here to tell you that it is far more than that. All of these “coincidences” are messages sent to you by the Universe and your Angels. They are not accidents or funny jokes to share with your friends. Everything happens for a reason.

You Belong Here, At This Exact Time

Right now, you might be thinking that you stumbled upon my site for no apparent reason. In fact, you have been guided by the Universe to end up right here, at exactly this time.

You may not believe me right now, but I can assure you that this is the truth. To find out for certain, ask yourself the following questions:

You may not believe me right now, but I can assure you that this is the truth. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel as though you need more positivity and sunshine in your life?
  • Do you ache for more meaning in your everyday life?
  • Are you aware of a higher power looking down on you, rooting for you?
  • Do you understand that you are guided by something far larger than yourself or anybody else?
  • Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to find the right life or career path?

Whether you answered yes to all, a few, or one of the above, I’m so excited you’re here. You belong here with me, at this exact time.

Umm… Aimee, What’s an Angel Number?

The angels speak to us through number sequences. They send light codes and signals which have special meaning to our souls. These number sequences are called Angel numbers.

Remember: Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences. Consistently seeing the same number patterns isn’t just a happy coincidence!

My purpose is to work with your Angels to guide you on the path to contentment, joy, and happiness. Life is not about struggling or coping. It’s about thriving and developing mechanisms to get you through tough times.

Let me and your Angels aid you on your journey to spirituality and unlocking your potential.

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